Ginga-NCL is a multimedia presentation environment for declarative applications written in NCL and its scripting language, Lua.


Ginga-J provides an execution infrastructure for Java applications and extensions focused on the DTV environment.

    Ginga® is the middleware specification for the Brazilian Digital TV System (SBTVD, from the portuguese Sistema Brasileiro de TV Digital). Ginga is made up by a set of standardized technologies and Brazilian innovations that make it the most advanced middleware specification and the best solution for the Brazilian requirements.

    Ginga open middleware is divided into two main integrated subsystems, which allow the development of applications following two different programming paradigms. Depending on the required functionalities of an application project, one paradigm will be more suitable than the other one. Those subsystems are called Ginga-J (for Java applications) e Ginga-NCL (for declarative NCL applications). Information regarding both systems are found on the links above.

    Ginga was developed by Telemídia Lab from PUC-Rio and LAViD from UFPB. Use this site to obtain all official information related to Ginga.

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